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The purpose of The A.S.H. Project is to share, illustrate, and demonstrate Hope for the children and families effected by childhood illness, disease, or impairment.   Although our specific experience was with Cancer, having to face the mortality of your own child is a daunting experience no matter what the cause, and it greatly affects everyone involved.   No one comes out unscathed. Specifically for cancer, the facts are, that Cancer is the number one disease based cause of death in children.  Actually, just in the United States, there are approximately 13,400 children between the ages of birth and 19 who are diagnosed with cancer each year.   About one in 300 boys and one in 333 girls will develop cancer before their 20th birthday….

These children, as well as their families, become experts at making the most of their given moments, whether it be in a hospital bed, at a local park, or on the cancer floor at the hospital.  The A.S.H. Project’s goal is to help provide these special moments for these families experiencing what could very well be the last days they have with their children.  Often times, seeing their child’s smile offers a tiny glimmer of hope for the families.   This glimmer is many times just what they are desperately seeking, as a driving force to keep on fighting. The memories made by these families will be memories of a lifetime, no matter what the outcome of their child’s diagnosis.


The audience of The A.S.H. Project is families experiencing childhood illness, disease, or impairment within a medical facility.    Our talented group would like to travel to the specific medical facility to visit with, spend time with, and offer relief to these families in a very gentle, unassuming way.    While dressed as princesses and superheroes, we’d like to provide medically appropriate gifts for the children and families, participate in activities with them to lift their spirits, bring smiles to their faces, and Hope to their families.   Thru beautiful costuming, music, personalized letters and gifts, and much time and attention, our group wishes to make the day a bit brighter for the kids going thru a very rocky time, and provide an opportunity for their families to see the smile on their faces.


The overall organization of The A.S.H. Project is tied very closely to our hearts, as is our commitment to our daughter to see her passion thru fruition…..   We have learned that every day is indeed a gift, to thrive upon, and live to the fullest loving others…   and now it’s our turn to pass the Hope on to others.